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Writer, Vlogger, Inspirational Speaker

Medium Jay Lane

Jay is a radiantly outgoing person who absolutely loves life and everything that goes with it. She has an incredible ability to sense the spirit world around her, “tattle-talers” as she calls them. She claims that “they,” spirit, are your loved ones who essentially never really go that far away after they cross over.

“I love my connection to the other side,” she claims. “My mother always told me that things happened for a reason but couldn’t tell me why they did. So I simply started trusting myself with what it was that I felt, sensed and heard. The rest is history.”

Jay claims that she’s had to be quiet about her abilities growing up due to the source of embarrassment it was causing her family. “I’ve had to shut up most of my life because of it. Now, you can’t shut me up.”

Jay has this incredible ability to connect via clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience. She’s just truly connected! Those who have had the pleasure of meeting her are “amazed” at what comes out of her mouth”.

Her popularity began a few years ago, when she decided to leave a 22 year government job to pursue her true calling in life and her love of mediumship. “It was hard for me to come out of my spiritual closet, I’ve always had to repress my feelings, but I had to face who I am, and could no longer deny it.” Jay claims that her mother’s death had a great affect on her decision and has not looked back since.

Jay is also gaining rapid international popularity for her association with the celebrity world. “I was introduced to my first celebrity through a great friend of mine who is a well known sensitive on paranormal television.”  Who would have thought that a small town girl would be so popular with celebs. They just love her!

“I knew that one day I would be reading for many well known people, it was just a matter of time.” When asked what it is that the celebs like most about her, her cheery reply; “They love my accent, my no nonsense approach to life, and my sincerity. They also love my positivity and the way I say, ‘eh!’ How could they not love me eh?”

With Jay’s rapid popularity, she is moving onward to other avenues so that she can affect the world in a positive way.

“I know I’m here for that reason, and I want to bring closure to those who seek answers and signs from their loved ones. We all have a soul’s journey here on earth and a subconscious knowing of our life-paths. I’m here to be that go-between on this plane and the other side, whether it’s through television, writing, stage work, I’m simply a small medium at large!”


Her words and insights resonate with me

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Early Life

Medium Jay Lane (born Jo-Anne Yvonne Lalande) was born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario, the nickel capital of the world. Her father was a miner and owned a driving school. Her mother was a “tea-leaf reader” and read between 1961 and 1983. She stopped tea-leaf reading when Jay’s father passed away after fighting a long illness.

Jay’s mother claimed that she was born with her abilities, however her clairaudience was noticed after she experienced a near death at the age of four.

“I never remembered hearing the things that I did before I was four. My mother always told me that there was a reason that I had drowned and was sent back and that my purpose had not been fulfilled.” Although Jay’s mother was a “tea-leaf psychic and healer” herself, her father was only interested in the added income this would bring into the family home. He didn’t have the time or belief regarding her abilities, or Jay’s for that matter.

“I loved my father, but he was a bit of a hypocrite when it came to my mother’s abilities. If money was coming in, that was good enough. Other than that, he really had no interest. My father’s belief system changed a year before his death. I managed to make amends with him before he passed. I’m so thankful for that”.

Jay married young, had a beautiful son James, and divorced 15 years later. She’s now remade her life with a wonderful man who encouraged her with her gifts and going forward with her lifelong dream of being a medium.

“I just love him for the support and encouragement he gives me. I just love my life!”

Realizing Her Abilities

Jay was quite young when her parents started noticing things that were not quite right. For instance, Jay seemed to know the date her grandfather died and recalled to her mother how the news had been delivered to the family. Her mother was astounded to think that she knew details of a death which had happened years prior to her birth. Other things, like knowing about her brother’s hospitalization, only to receive a call hours later validating her claims.

“The grocery store incident was the worst experience of my life, but at the same time, probably the best thing that ever happened to me. It’s what I believe had to happen in order for me to realize my gifts while growing up. I saw my first human spirit in that grocery store and was able to recall to the woman standing in front of us, and what it was the spirit had to tell her. I caused quite a ruckuss that day, and I was only 9 years old. I got the spanking of my life for reasons I will never forget. It’s why I think I’m so head strong today and the reason why I do what I do. Things do happen for a reason. I just happened to realize that day in that grocery store what it was; that I was a person who could connect to the other side, when others simply couldn’t! And I knew it. I knew it!”

Jay feels so fortunate to be able to share messages randomly, as well as with her clients. She’s booked for about a year ahead locally, and performs Group-Sessions, as well as One-on-One Sessions on Skype.

“I aspire to do stage work and be on television. I aspire to affect many on this earthly plane. It’s why I’m here. And, I aspire to do my daily happy dance. Life is great when you can give people peace and closure on losing their loved ones. I’m just blessed to have been chosen for this path, I really am.”

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