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Membership to our fan club gives you access to great perks!

Inside you’ll find everything from downloads to fan photos and video clips and so much more. There are two levels of membership, FRIENDS which is free, and SOULMATES, our paid membership. See below for all the details.

If you have any questions or need any assistance navigating the site, please email Carolin

Your Free Infinity Friends Membership includes…

  • Get info about events
  • The latest news from Medium Jay Lane
  • Share your comments for a chance to receive Your Message from Spirit

Your Infinity Soulmate Membership includes…

  • Welcome letter from Jay and kit containing such items as**
  • Autographed photo
  • Butterfly Soy Tart samples (Infinity by Jay & Earthbound by Jay)
  • Butterfly pin
  • Personalized Bookmark
  • A chance to receive “Your Personal Message from Spirit” video from Jay delivered to your personal inbox  *New
  • Receive a 10% discount off YOUR readings for the lifetime of your paid membership! (not transferable)
  • Enter monthly for a chance to WIN a Telephone session OR a Webcam Session for up to four (4) people
  • Full access to the Infinity Friends & Soulmates Section
  • Share, post and interact with other members
  • Invites to special events throughout the year
  • Invites to Meet and Greets
  • Discount on special events
  • Other goodies to be announced!

** Please note, welcome package may vary due to availability of items

Annual dues only $49.99

Infinity Family


The quality or condition of being infinite.
Unbounded space, time, or quantity.
An indefinitely large number or amount.

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