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markos-papadatosOp-Ed: Jay Lane: Best Canadian female interview in entertainment in 2016

Esteemed Canadian personality Jay Lane is the best Canadian female interview of 2016 in entertainment. She is one Jill-of-all-trades.

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Nancy Pettila from Outer Experiences Inner MiraclesInterview with Nancy Penttila from Outer Experiences Inner Miracles

Medium Jay Lane speaks with Nancy Pettila about how to thrive in the face of grief. Nancy knows first hand the strength and comfort she experienced with Jay’s words of wisdom and confirmation we’re not alone.

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markos-papadatosInterview with Markos Papadatos from Digital Journal

Acclaimed Canadian personality Jay Lane chatted with me about her new book, as well as her forthcoming tour in the United States of America.

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arronInterview with Arron Pickard from

laura-stradiottoInterview with Laura Stradiotto from The Sudbury Star

For booking inquiries:

Kelley KreinBrink
President, Inspiration Nation Productions, Inc.
Palm Springs, CA  92264

Press Release

Canada’s Medium Jay Lane signs with Inspiration Nation Productions

Nashville, TN (July 11, 2016) — Sudbury Ontario native Medium Jay Lane joins the ranks of world renowned Psychic Mediums, James Van Praagh and Lisa Williams as the new addition to the US based Inspiration Nation Productions’ talent roster.

Company President and Founder Kelley Kreinbrink, represents New York Times Best Selling Authors and International Psychic-Mediums.

“I have personally tested Jay Lane on her psychic-mediumship ability and she ranks in the top percentile from my over 700 psychic readings. Jay Lane ranks as one of the absolute most accurate psychic mediums in which I have tested in my 15 years of experience.”

Jay is currently working on a new book, which will coincide with her inspirational and motivational card deck illustrated by radio/television personality and dream analyst, Lauri Loewenberg. Medium Jay Lane will be embarking on her very first USA tour in 2017.

About Medium Jay Lane

Internationally renowned and “Canada’s Rising Star” Psychic Medium, Jay Lane is sought after on a daily basis from her long list of celebrity clientele and individuals from all over the world.  Acclaimed for her accuracy, honesty and readiness to tell it like it is, Jay Lane has addressed audiences of thousands with her concise, inspirational, motivational and jaw dropping details from the spirit world.
Gifted from birth, Jay suffered a near death drowning at the age of four that raised her awareness and changed her life as a result of what she learned from the other side. Jay’s life’s mission is helping others see life in a different light. Possessing clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance gifts, Jay uses these abilities to enlighten and change lives of those around her.

“I aspire to make a difference and bring closure to those who seek answers and signs from their loved ones. I know I’m here for that reason, we all have a soul’s journey here on earth and a subconscious knowing of our life-paths. I start everyday with a happy dance and I truly feel blessed to have been chosen to be the go-between on this plane and the other side.”

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