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Skype Session availability will be limited and as time permits.

SKYPE SESSIONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR OUT OF TOWN AND INTERNATIONAL CLIENTELE! Availability limited and as time permits.  If you’d like to make a request to book a Skype Session with Jay, please fill all of the fields in the form below.

Time permitting, Jay will respond to your request.   Note that you may not receive an immediate response to your request.

Skype Sessions are $150.00 Cdn ($132.74 + $17.26 HST) payable via Paypal and sessions are 45 minutes in length.   A Paypal request is sent to you once a date and time is arranged.

Jay’s Skype Sessions are held on THURSDAYS ONLY, between 9:00 AM & 4 PM EST.

Jay’s Skype ID:  readingsbyjay

Booking Form

Thank-you for taking the time to visit and fill in the form. I am looking forward to our time together.


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  2. Mary Ann

    Thank You Jay !
    You have such a beautiful gift! You not only help us here on earth but you help the people who have passed. I really enjoy your you tube sessions, they are heartfelt and educational at the same time. That is something that is hard to do , and you are doing it well. I would so love to meet you even if it was in a large group. I just heard you are doing something in sudbury May 10. It is a walk for awareness for a little girl who passed a short while ago. That is such a kind thing to do. I am going to try to be there, but I am so limited , to home. Good luck with the walk ,I wish you and the little girls family a successful walk!
    I am going to follow you now that I am a little better with my I Pad.
    Take Care and thanks! Mary Ann

    • jaylane

      Thanks for your support Mary Ann 🙂 x

  3. Regina Pinkston

    Hi again its Regina P………I cant seem to fill out the form it will not allow me click on it ??

    • jaylane

      Hi Regina… My tech has been advised. Thanks for letting me know. Jay 🙂

  4. Regina Pinkston

    Hi Jay, Im from Wilmington Delaware in the USA, and I read all of your profile……..and Im real excited to have a reading with you, I’ve been going thur so much and im on the brink of shutting down ….”PLEASE HELP.

  5. Ron Perron

    Hi Jay:
    I stopped by your house in the fall. Was talking with your husband seems we both enjoy some of those unknown entities. However, last time I met with you, you were across from Lougheed’s. I am up in Kirkland lake and have have some pretty stress full years and wanting to know if that seven year ache is over. Thanks and don’t over do it we all get stressed.

    • jaylane

      Hi Ron, thanks for the note. Yes, he told me you had dropped in. I was trying to figure out who it was. I did call however, had never heard from you. You may want to put your name in for a Skype Session. I’m overwhelmed with requests at the present time and hope to be getting back to them soon 🙂 Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for reaching out, Jay


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