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In all our lives, we experience the loss of someone … a family member, a friend, a pet. The experience can leave a whole in your heart, or feelings of guilt, shame, soul-numbing grief. It’s a process to deal with our feelings. One that can’t be avoided.

But what if you knew that the one you lost is still with you, wants you to be free from guilt or shame; that they see your grief and want you to be happy, not worry so much, to live a life of joy and freedom.

Hi, I’m Jay Lane. I was blessed in this life with psychic abilities, the gift of connecting with those who have passed and are now in the realm of spirit.

As a psychic medium, my purpose in life is to pass along to you what I hear, see, sense and smell. My wish for you is that the information will help you to heal, to move on, and live your life to its fullest free from fear.

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Spirit Signs & Warnings:  Do you really need them?

Spirit Signs & Warnings: Do you really need them?

I met Jennifer as a random guest on Jay LIVE just recently who had spirit give her a bunch of signs & warnings, even funny ones. Did she really need them? Watch here to learn more about how Spirits interact with us through signs. Want to join me LIVE? Join me for Jay...

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Dad’s Spirit Comes Through

Dad’s Spirit Comes Through

The suicide of a loved one is a difficult experience to live through. People who have, talk about the pain they feel thinking that their loved ones crossed through the same way, bringing with them the feeling sadness or depression they had to the other side. I did a...

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Chatty Spirits

Chatty Spirits

  Here's a little clip from Jay LIVE! I recently had some random guests on. Such chatty spirits... check out what they had to say! Want to join me LIVE? Join me for Jay LIVE! on Facebook every Tuesday @ 7:30 PM EST!    

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I created My Infinity Family in February 2015 with one goal in mind. To host an intimate platform where people would gather to share their personal feelings and experiences on life, the afterlife, loss, and grief. “Home of your message from spirit”.

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