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Hi, I’m Jay Lane, a medium and psychic, and I have a message just for you. Every person has souls and spirits, loved ones that have crossed over, waiting to send them messages. It is my ability to see spirits and hear their messages, and it is my purpose to deliver these messages to the people they are intended for.

I’m clairaudient, the ability to clearly hear spirits, clairvoyant, the ability to receive information from spirits visually and clairsentient, the ability to feel the emotions of the people and spirits around me. Are you ready for your message?

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Corona Virus & Dying Alone

Corona Virus & Dying Alone

The Coronavirus has left so many people to die alone, leaving their loved ones to feel guilt for not being able to be by their bedside at their time of need.

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I created My Infinity Family in February 2015 with one goal in mind. To host an intimate platform where people would gather to share their personal feelings and experiences on life, the afterlife, loss, and grief. “Home of your message from spirit”.

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