Deja Vu Explained

Have you ever experienced deja vu? That unmistakable, slightly uncomfortable, completely unexplainable feeling of recognizing a present moment that you’ve never experienced before.

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What Attracts Ghosts

Have you ever wondered if you attract ghosts? Do you worry your home is haunted? Ghosts and hauntings can leave you feeling scared and vulnerable.

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A Soul on Life Support

People have so many questions when a loved one dies. Why did he die so quickly? Why did she have to die so slowly? Why did it have to happen on this day?

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Medium Jay Lane

Writer, Vlogger, Inspirational Speaker.

Jay is a radiantly outgoing person who absolutely loves life and everything that goes with it. She has an incredible ability to sense the spirit world around her, “tattle-talers” as she calls them. She claims that “they,” the spirits, are your loved ones who essentially never really go far away after they cross over.

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