Have you sensed an impending death? Maybe your own, maybe a loved one?

Perhaps someone in your life has frequently mentioned their own death premonitions to you.

I’m here to tell you not to worry, you’re not crazy or morbid. People often have premonitions of their own death or the death of people around them.

While you shouldn’t be ashamed or hide your intuitive thoughts, bring them up can make things uncomfortable sometimes. Being educated will help you broach the subject with your loved ones if you feel the need to.

In this post I discuss:

  • What visions of your own death mean
  • Premonitions about a loved one’s death
  • Identifying a symbolic death
  • The 5 types of death
  • How we can communicate with the dead and how they communicate with us

angel medium jay laneVisions of Your Own Death

It’s not uncommon for people to have visions of their own demise. Many people know they’re going to die soon, and not just people that are old or unhealthy.

Premonitions might come in dreams or it might be a feeling they have, a nagging persistent feeling that something is wrong.

For others, it is clear and straightforward, they know their time is coming to an end.

I’ve had the personal experience of my father telling me before he died, that he would be dead by the end of the month. He was young, only in his 50’s, but he knew he would die by the end of the month.

When he told me, I dismissed it, after all, he was only in his late 50’s and in decent shape, but sure enough, he died before the end of that month.

This isn’t to say everyone will know when they’re going to pass away. Some people know and some people don’t.

The way a person dies can influence if they know it is coming. I’ve written before about souls choosing when they leave this world for the next. Some people wake up, they’re going about their day as normal and they just drop dead out of the blue. They had no idea what was in store for them that day.

A person’s ability to foresee death, their own or a loved one, also depends on how evolved their soul is. As I have written in the past, as souls return to the afterlife and choose to be reborn again and again they take on higher forms.

A person with a more evolved or higher soul is more likely to develop keen intuition into things of this nature.

premonition of a loved ones deathIntuition About The Death of a Loved One

Have you had a premonition that someone else is close to death? Perhaps someone you are close to or love?

It’s believed that when souls exist together for multiple lifetimes they form incredible bonds. Premonitions about the death of someone close happen between souls who have existed together in more than one lifetime.

The two people may also be what is called a twin flame. Twin flames are two separate human lives being lived by one singular soul. Two people have one soul. Since they share the same soul, it’s not uncommon for them to sense the death of their other half.

Symbolic Death

If you’re having premonitions about your own death, in dreams or intuitive feelings and it’s causing you anxiety and fear, my first suggestion is: relax and breath. In other posts, I covered dealing with a fear of death.

Fear of death can be difficult to overcome if you’re having premonitions about it, but you should know that sometimes the death we are sensing is actually a symbolic death. Just like the death card in a tarot deck death premonitions can be signaling a symbolic death.

What is a symbolic death?

It’s an end, that’s all. It could be the end of a relationship, interest, career or any number of things. Perhaps the death being prophesied is the death of the job you hate, or the loveless marriage no longer bringing you joy.

old woman 5 Types of Death

As I have written in previous posts, there are 5 exit points from this life. Before a soul is born into human form, it chooses how it will die. A soul will plan 5 different exit points during its human existence, in other words, 5 possible deaths.

It may choose to die to quickly, so not to make their loved ones suffer. It may choose to die slowly, so that loved ones can let go of them, giving them the permission to die. The soul can move on knowing that their loved ones have accepted their fate.

Although the Soul always chooses and plans its own demise, there are two types of deaths that are not on the “how to list of dying”. Suicide isn’t considered an exit, it’s considered a broken agreement. The Soul has bailed out of its agreement with another soul, leaving it in limbo, not being able to fulfill its intended purpose.

Murder also falls under broken agreements. The person committing the murder compromises his or her soul by taking another. Once the murderer passes, their soul suffers the same fate as the soul that commits suicide. In case you’re wondering terminations of pregnancies do not fall under broken agreements.

Communicating with Spirits

Often people can mistake a communication with the spirit realm as a premonition of things to come. Sometimes messages from spirits can be prophetic but often they just want to let us know they’re near.

young woman communicating with spiritsHow can we communicate with the souls of the deceased?
Many people, when they come to see me, ask if I can send a message to their loved ones that have passed over. They think since they’re not mediums they can’t communicate with the dead. That is so wrong!

You don’t need a medium to send a message to the deceased!

You can communicate with them simply by thinking of them, giving them permission to hear your thoughts and thinking of the message you want to send them. It is as easy as that. They will hear your thoughts and your feelings wherever they are.

How can the dead communicate with us?
If we can communicate with the dead, they can communicate with us, right?

Yes and no. The ability to communicate strongly and clearly is what makes a psychic or a medium. For me, thoughts and feelings from souls and spirits come through loud, clear and unmistakable.

If you don’t have psychic or mediumship abilities it doesn’t mean souls won’t communicate with you, just that you will need to pay closer attention and look for little clues or signals.

You can look for signs that are their way of communicating. If you’re not able to hear, see, sense, or smell as I can they will find other ways to let you know they’re close by.

Sometimes you might catch a little whiff of cologne or perfume a deceased loved one used to wear. My dad, for instance, had a woodsy smell on his shirt all the time and sometimes I catch a whiff of it. That’s how I know he’s around.

If you think you can smell something, it’s not in your head. They’re sending a sign that they are lingering around you. They want you to know they’re nearby.

It’s not always smells, it could be through numbers. My mother sends me 2 2 7 all the time, in license plates or on clock displays.

You need to know your loved ones are around you all the time.


Have you ever had a premonition? Was it about death? Do you know someone who has premonitions?

Feel free to share them with me over on My Infinity Family, my membership site committed to discussions of this nature.

Premonitions can seem intense and sometimes frightening but they don’t have to be if you try to work them out and understand them better.

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