Have you ever experienced deja vu? That unmistakable, slightly uncomfortable, completely unexplainable feeling of recognizing a present moment that you’ve never experienced before.

Deja vu is unsettling, it hits you in the moment without warning, and like an unplanned dip into zen, it makes you aware of the present.

I experience deja vu quite often and love to talk about it and experiment with it. Before we get into answering the most common questions about deja vu, let’s start with a little background.

The history of deja vu

The term deja vu is French and translates to mean “already seen.” The phenomenon also goes by the more scientific name promnesia, which in Latin translates to “before memory.” The lesser known terms deja entendu “already heard” and deja lu “already read” relate to similar paranormal experiences involving the feeling of remembering and the senses.

Throughout history the experience of deja vu has been recorded and written about frequently; however, the term deja vu, as we apply it today, was first coined in 1896 by F.L. Arnaud.

Today, deja vu is a recognized term appearing in dictionaries, yet its source and validity continue to be hotly debated.

What causes the feeling of deja vu

familiar place Medium Jay LaneIt’s a sense of being familiar with something you shouldn’t be familiar with. A feeling of having experienced a present situation. You’re in a moment and all the sudden “oh my goodness why do I know this place!”

I experience deja vu regularly, and for me, it feels like remembering something that hasn’t happened yet, that I shouldn’t remember. It’s similar to a premonition.

What is deja vu really

The truest answer is that no one really knows. But there are a lot of theories. One of the most common beliefs is that moments of deja vu are markers or reminders from dreams. In dreams we don’t have any conscious control, we’re in a state where the subconscious can come to the surface and run the show, so to speak.

Moments of deja vu are moments we have experienced in dreams that we are able to remember during our waking life. This makes them a type of precognition.

Another theory points the finger at aliens. People who believe they have been abducted report more frequent moments of deja vu. The argument is that deja vu is the result of erased memories bubbling back up to the surface.

Deja vu may also be the result of memories from a past life reaching the conscious mind. Perhaps in a past life, you interacted with a particular place, person or spirit. When you encounter these energies in this life, you recognize them subconsciously, but the conscious mind doesn’t.

Finally, there is my theory. I believe moments of deja vu are gentle reminders that the spirit realm has planned for you. Time is different on the other side, it’s sort of flexible allowing for memories of the past, present, and future to exist, as hard as that is for the living to understand.

What does it mean to have deja vu

walk your path Medium Jay LaneIf we assume my theory is correct, I have another theory that gives meaning to deja vu. My belief is that it is a gentle reminder that you are on the right track for the life that you planned. As scary and surprising as deja vu might be I love experiencing it because it makes me feel like I am going in the right direction. I always believe deja vu is serving a purpose.

If you have a moment of deja vu enjoy the experience, try to revel in it. If you don’t experience deja vu, it doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong track, just that you’re not able to. Some people just don’t have it.

I hope you understand deja vu better, but if you still have unanswered questions or you want to keep this conversation going, join us in My Infinity Family.

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