The Ouija board is a controversial item, to say the least. Is it real or pretend? Is it a toy? Is it dangerous? For a lot of people, a Ouija board is an object of fear and curiosity. It is a sensitive topic to discuss. So of course I am going to write about it!

If you read a few of my blog posts or watch my videos, you’ll learn that I believe knowledge is key to escaping fear. A lot of my posts and videos aim to educate people on the topics that might scare them, in the hope that my audience members can begin to overcome their fears.

In this post, I discuss all things Ouija:

  • Ouija board overview
  • Ouija board rules
  • Ouija board history
  • Disposing of a Ouija board

Ouija board overview

The Ouija board is a tool of divination. What does that mean? Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means. The Ouija board is just one of many tools of divination in use today that can reach out to the energies that surround us.

Other tools of divination include: pendulums, divining rods, crystals and cards. There are also more modern, technology-based tools that measure energy on a meter or translate it into audio perceptible to the human ear.

Physically, a Ouija board is a rectangular board featuring the letters of the alphabet, numbers, yes, no, and sometimes other sayings like goodbye. Part of a Ouija board is the planchette, a heart-shaped pointer that is used to communicate messages.

To use a Ouija board, two or more people lightly place their fingertips on the planchette. The participants take turns asking questions aloud. The idea is that energy from the spirit world will move the planchette to spell out answers.

Seems innocent enough, right? Well, that all depends. A Ouija board is simply a tool, and how it behaves is governed by the intentions of the people using it. This is why I warn people to be very careful when using a Ouija board. Your intentions may be pure, and your belief may be firm, but you don’t know if the person you’re using it with can say the same.

Ouija boards can open the channel to all different types of energy. We could be calling out to human spirits, loved ones that passed, or spirit guides, but something different—something darker or even evil—may be what answers back.

The chances of connecting with dark energy increase when the participants aren’t true believers or don’t know what to ask for. If you don’t ask for a specific energy, anything can come through and trust me, anything will come through. That’s when things get out of control.

English_ouija_boardOuija board rules

Ouija boards sold in stores come with rules, but I recommend doing a lot of online research before using one. The most important thing to be aware of is that a Ouija board is not a toy, it is a powerful tool. Its use should be treated as a serious matter not a fun game for children.

Basic Ouija board rules

  • Never use the board to disrespect the spirit realm.
  • Never ask the board when you, or anyone else, will die.
  • Spirits can tell you all sorts of things and not all of it will be true. Just like people, there are malevolent tricksters in the spirit world.
  • Don’t believe everything a Ouija board says.
  • Be mindful of where you use a Ouija board, the energy that comes through can linger well after the board is put away.
  • Don’t leave the planchette on the board unattended. Some believe this is like leaving the door to the other side open unattended.
  • If you start to feel like you’ve connected with a malevolent energy end the session immediately but end it properly by sealing the board.
  • When it is time to end the session move the planchette to “goodbye.” Also, consider leaving the area as this may help sever the ties to the spirit realm.

One final precaution I always offer people who are considering using a Ouija board; make sure you are in good health mentally and physically. People suffering from depression or sickness naturally attract negative energy.

There are a lot of other rules when it comes to using a Ouija board and I suggest spending a couple hours doing online research before using one. Think of a Ouija board as the race car of divining tools. You wouldn’t just toss the keys to someone without a license.

Ouija board history

The Ouija board is a form of communication known as automatic writing. Automatic writing has been in use for centuries. It is recorded as far back as 1100 AD and appears in the history and culture of China, India, Greece, Rome, and other countries.

Talking boards or spirit boards, which the Ouija board is, became popular in North America following the American Civil War. Anytime there is devastation and a great number of lives are lost divination tools reappear in popular culture.

The first Ouija board was created, named and patented in 1890 by businessman Elijah Bond. It was marketed as a parlour game for adults until World War I when it became associated with the occult and communicating with spirits.

old-ouija-boardDisposing of a Ouija board

One of the strangest things about a Ouija board is that people are unsure of how to get rid of them, so they tend to hang around, being passed down through families. There’s a good reason for this, Ouija boards aren’t a simple thing to dispose of. It’s not as easy as throwing it out with the trash.

If you are the owner of a Ouija board and decide it is time to part ways with it, do not simply give it away. There’s a connection between you and the Ouija board that must be formally severed.

The first step in ridding yourself of the board is to make sure it is properly sealed. This means ending a session by placing the planchette on “Goodbye.” If you’re not comfortable doing this you may want to contact a medium to help you close out a session and seal the board.

Once the board has been sealed it should be broken into seven pieces, sprinkled with holy water and then buried. Sounds like a lot of work, right? Well, it is, but this is the consequence of contacting the spirit realm. It’s not something you can just throw away and absolutely, under no circumstances should you burn a Ouija board.


A Ouija board on its own doesn’t do anything. It is the intention in which it is used that determines its behaviour and effect. If you are using one, don’t forget your opening a door to unknown energies and there are a lot of unknown energies out there.

I hope you now understand Ouija boards and how to use them better, but if you still have unanswered questions or you want to keep this conversation going, join us in My Infinity Family.

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