Agate & Lava Stone


I absolutely love this bracelet.   Agate, known for its healing properties helps connect you to Mother Earth’s Energy, and there’s nothing better than that!  I also love Lava stone because it is a wonderful grounding stone that gives us strength and courage.  It is also said to be very calming and helps diffuse anger.

Worn in combination, this bracelet is wonderful for balance and relieving tension.  May be stacked and worn together in combination with other energy bracelets for a fuller effect.

* Essential oils can be used in combination with this bracelet.  Simply dab on your favourite essential oil for a special beautiful fragrant touch.



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8 mm semi precious round natural stones.  Available in small or large.  Limited quantities available.

Please allow three (3) weeks for delivery for Canada, and up to 4 weeks for delivery to the USA (customs).

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