Holiday Healing Package


Give the Gift of Closure & Healing this Holiday Season

Healing package includes:

  • 30 minute Telephone Session with Medium Jay Lane;
  • 1 Hour Session with Nancy Penttila: Spiritiual Advisory, Emotional Blockage Clearing and Energy Healing

Sessions may be offered via Skype or Telephone and are *booked separately.

I’m so excited to be partnering up with the beautiful Nancy Penttila so that we may offer YOU a “Holiday Healing” package! I have been very fortunate to receive healings from Nancy and asked her if she would be interested in doing the same for my wonderful clientele! Needless to say, she was as excited as I was to be offering this beautiful and empowering healing package.


Who is Nancy Penttila?

Nancy Penttila is not only an AMAZING FRIEND and BEAUTIFUL SOUL, she’s also internationally recognized as a very inspiring and transformational coach, healer, retreat leader and speaker, who has a deep love for all life forms. She has unshakable faith in the miraculous and the power the soul has to heal, transform and awaken living beings on a level of wholeness, in mind, body, heart and soul. Nancy has followers and clients from all over the world, whom she she guides to their innermost truth, so they may recognize their divinity, purpose and sacred gifts to nourish themselves and others.

Combining her expertise of kundalini, hatha and vinyasa yoga, meditation, breathwork, hypnosis, and NLP, she uses these multifaceted levels of energy healing to clear blockages and transform the consciousness of her clients so they may flourish and thrive in all aspects of life.

Awaken the soul, and every aspect of your life will be transformed.

Nancy will be offering a combination of spiritual advisory, energy healing, and an unconditional loving space for you to connect and heal your heart, as you heal and transform energetic and emotional blockages. Sessions may be offered via Skype or Telephone.

Sessions with Nancy Penttila are booked separately by calling 1-705-264-2100 or emailing her at