Jay’s “go to” Gems


I recommend these top 5 essential semi precious stones to everyone I know!  Why?  Because they have amazing healing properties.  These gems are essentially my “go to” stones.  I carry them everywhere I go, even when I travel.  They’re grounding and help absorb negative energy, keeping me balanced.

Here’s how their healing properties can help you!

  • Amethyst is meditative and calming.  It helps clear and open the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.  It helps awaken psychic abilities and clairvoyancy
  • Citrine, known for absorbing negative energy, elevates optimism, positivity and joy
  • Crystal Quartz, considered a master healer, amplifies energy as well as accelerates your desires
  • Hematite, wonderful for grounding, is power and protective, keeping you balanced
  • Rose Quartz used for attracting and keeping love, is also known for helping heal a broken heart.



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Amethyst; Citrine; Crystal Quartz; Hematite & Rose Quartz semi precious polished stones.   Limited quantities available.

Please allow three (3) weeks for delivery.