Smudging Kit


Cleanse your space and yourself with our Smudging Kit.

The smudge kits includes:
  • White sage
  • Small abalone shell
  • Palo Santo sticks
  • Quartz crystal point
  • Tumbled rose quartz
  • Mala Beads

White sage is used to cleanse negative energy and invites positive energy in your space.  To use, place your white sage in the abalone shell provided and smudge all rooms in your living space.

Palo Santo wood comes from the Cypress tree.  The wood is cured for about 4 years and is considered a “holy wood”, ridding evil while promoting good luck!

Crystal Quartz is used to absorb negative energy, while Rose Quartz invites a high vibration of love, and balances the heart chakra.  Used in combination, these gems provide grounding and protection while smudging.

The handmade Mala Beads are used while meditating and praying.  They’re known to helping open up minds to spirituality and especially for mental grounding. They can be worn as a necklace or bracelet.

Available in Canada only.


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Limited quantities are available.  Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery for Canada.

Available in Canada only.


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