Has your life been touched by suicide? Did a close friend, family member or loved one choose to end their own life prematurely? My heart goes out to those that have seen suicide close up, it is such a difficult thing to go through.

If this tragic event left you feeling lost and confused you’re not alone. When someone, who experienced suicide comes to see me, they’re experiencing these feelings. They have nowhere to go and no guidance.

I can’t undo the pain and damage caused by suicide, but the information I provide in this post can help you begin to heal.

In this post I discuss:

  • What happens to the soul of a suicide victim
  • How suicide is a broken agreement between souls
  • What a grounded spirit is

If you’ve been affected by suicide and you’re struggling to move forward. If you’re curious about the souls that linger here on Earth, read on because this post is for you.

If you have seen suicide close up or been exposed to a person suffering with depression you’re more likely to experience the same feelings. If you’re struggling with depression of considering suicide please seek help. In Canada we have the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention.

Why Does A Soul Choose Suicide?

Suicides are broken soul agreements. Readers new to this blog, might not be familiar with soul’s agreements. I wrote about soul’s agreements in What happens to murderers when they die. A soul’s agreement is a promise or contract made between two souls before they’re reborn.

Before a soul is born, it plans experiences it wants to have, the emotions it wants to feel and lessons it wants to learn. When the body dies and the soul crosses over it can return to the afterlife as a higher, more evolved soul. I’ve written about what souls experience before being born and after dying in the post What Happens When We Die.

Souls make agreements with other souls to go through certain life experiences. These experiences can be good and bad. Souls don’t have an ego. They understand, to evolve they must make sacrifices and experience hardships. Once we die we progress to a higher level. We evolve depending on what we have learned emotionally, physically, and mentally.

A person that dies from suicide is breaking the agreement it made before being reborn. It’s like they have bailed out of their agreements and there are repercussions to that action.

Where do Suicidal Souls Go?

What are the repercussions for a soul that dies of suicide? It’s not the 9th ring of hell or a lake of fire like some people believe. These souls don’t go far, they stay stuck between realms. The soul is what I call grounded, which I will talk about more in the next section.

The soul of a suicide victim stays here on earth. It needs to accept responsibility for what it did and understand the full impact of its suicide.

For example, if I planned to marry and have children, but I commit suicide, now my husband never gets to marry. Our children are never born. We never have those experiences that we planned to have. I broke my soul agreement.

This is why survivors often describe their emotions as a feeling of being lost. Losing someone too soon can leave you feeling lost. You miss out on experiences with that person. You stay here on earth, without any clear direction. You don’t go through certain life experiences the way you should have so at the end of it all you feel a little bit lost.

Grounded Spirits

There are different types of spirits. Visiting spirits, grounded spirits, residual energy, and trapped energy. Grounded spirits are souls that are still here on Earth. A soul can be grounded for many reasons.

Grounded spirits might not realize they have passed away. They could have died suddenly, and they are stuck in limbo. Sometimes the spirit is surprised they have died.

When they realize they are gone they will go through the light, unless they don’t have a belief system.

If a person has no beliefs when they’re alive, they didn’t believe in any form of afterlife, then they cling to their human life because they think that is all there is.

Sometimes spirits won’t accept their death. They don’t accept the light is something they need to pass through because they don’t believe in it. Some spirits are afraid to go through because they don’t know what is on the other side.

There is no hell for the souls of suicide victims, but they’re not in heaven yet either. They’re trapped on Earth, and that time could be a little bit tormenting. It’s different for a soul to go through that, it’s not as painful as you might think. The soul is stuck repeating its lessons to accept going to the light or even thinking it is worthy of the light.

After a person transforms into a spirit, there can be a waiting period. About 3 days as humans experience time. This is why people often see deceased loved ones on the 3rd or 4th day after passing.

Every spirit does eventually go through, even those that are grounded.

Souls Grounded Because of Suicide

Some people believe, when someone dies, they must feel the pain they have caused others before moving on. I don’t think this is true.

When someone dies, if they have caused others severe pain they need to revisit their karmic lessons. They need to stand in their own shoes, as well as, the shoes of others. They need to see who they affected and how.

Suicides are grounded because they have broken their agreement. Someone who commits suicide needs to stay in this realm to see how their death has affected others.

Not all suicide victims become grounded spirits. A person suffering from mental illness or if influenced by drugs or alcohol is safe. They’re not suffering between worlds, it’s simply their path.

No soul stays grounded forever. Once a soul accepts its actions, it can accept the light and move through it to find peace. Once a soul moves into the light they no longer experience the sorrow of their loved ones or repeat the loss of life.

No matter how someone dies the soul will eventually pass through. Once they do, they’re always so happy and at peace.


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