Cast within the sand
Of where my spirit lies
Holds the warmth deep in my body
For some to feel would die

As the rains entraps my being
Floods the empty hearted soul
Masks the silence of my spirit
Not to tear my world so cold

Where will we be tomorrow
Will we find truth once again
How will we know which road to take
Will the yearn to love remain

Deep seeded questions answered
Forgotten myths set free
Will the warmth deep in my body
Be released for all to see

As the rain down-pours our fortune
Can we tear the walls that hold
The light that shone bright long ago
So our stories can unfold

We will be here tomorrow
Reunited all as one
We will know which road to take
We will know the time has come

Imagine your life free of fear. How much more could you accomplish if fear wasn’t holding you back? How much less distracted would you be if your thoughts weren’t preoccupied with worry?

People with less fear enjoy greater success, they’re willing to take educated risks. They spend less time brooding over the future and enjoy the present moment. What it comes down to is people with fewer fears are happier.

There are two universal fears; public speaking and death and as a speaker and a psychic-medium I am uniquely qualified to tackle both of these. I guess you could say I’ve overcome many fears in this life.

How am I going to help you overcome your fear of death? I am going to educate you on it! In previous posts I’ve talked about What Happens When We Die and where our Fear of Dying comes from.

bridge-to-the-afterlifeIn this post I am going to address another question I hear too often that relates to death and our fears.

People always ask me if we remember our deaths in the afterlife. Humans are obsessed with the idea of avoiding suffering. We spend waking moments wondering if we will remember our suffering in the next realm.

In this post I am going to discuss something called the beforelife, as well as, the afterlife. By the end you will see why worrying that your soul will remember your earthly demise isn’t worth another moment of your time.

Life before birth

Before we come into being where were we? Do we remember that? Most of us do not. We don’t have a conscious awareness of the other side.

In a previous post, What Happens When We Die, I use the analogy of the afterlife being like a giant disco-ball. On the other side each soul is both individual and part of something larger.

Where souls are before they choose to be born and where souls go after they choose to die is a similar place. It is like being in the same house just on different floors.

I call it the beforelife. We’ve all heard the term the afterlife, well I call where you are before you come into being the beforelife.

In the beforelife a soul makes plans for what it wants to experience when it comes to the earthly plane, what lessons it wants to learn. But the soul doesn’t remember any of that once it is born. We have no conscious awareness of what we have planned before we come to the earthly plane.

the beforelife, where do we come from?Do you remember being born?

Only a few people have memories of the moment of being born. And there is good reason for this!

Imagine how traumatic the birthing process must be. If we had to remember being born, if we had to consciously experience coming out of our mothers!

In what must seem like an instant you move from one environment to another with a temperature difference of 30 degrees. You placed on a cold table, in a different environment. Some total strangers poke at us on a table in front of others. It would be traumatizing.

I think it’s impossible to remember being born. Some people have snippets but to remember the experience of being born, we would be crazy. It would be a traumatic experience you never get past.

Subconsciously we erase this experience from our memories to protect ourselves and our sanity.

If we’re not all walking around reliving the trauma of birth why are we all terrified about remembering our own deaths?

Life after death

As I explained in the previous post the afterlife is not like anything you can experience while living. The moment a soul leaves the body the transformation is instant. Upon crossing over you are reunited with your creators. You are surrounded by love and peace. You become one with all the other souls, yet remain individual.

Souls don’t carry with them the human ego and they lose many of the emotions they had during their time on earth. They keep some memories but they’re not attached to them the way humans are.

What do we remember after we die? We will know how we died, whether it was cancer, a heart attack, we dropped dead or we didn’t wake up one morning.

We will remember the people present in our lives and at our time of passing. We will remember the love we received, but we will not remember the act of dying. We will not have any memory of any pain we experienced because those emotions and experiences aren’t available to souls.

We won’t remember any of the truly traumatizing parts of death just as we don’t remember the traumatizing parts of being born.

Going through to the other side the soul will know it is dead, it will remember how it died but it will not hold on to its human ego, its human form or emotions. Once a person passes through it will not remember any of the emotional or physical aspects of the death.

no one remembers dying Conclusion

Fearing death, avoiding death this is human behavior. When a body dies it is the people left behind whom remember the moment of death and carry that memory around with us. Souls do not remember their death any more than a human remembers its birth.

We know we were born because that’s why we are here. A soul knows it died because that’s why it’s on the other side.

As humans we carry these emotional wounds and we are the ones that have to heal from them. Your loved ones do not remember any physical or emotional pain. When they are on the other side all they know is love and peace. They vibrate at such a high frequency they can’t possibly feel bad.

If you think your loved brought suffering over to the other side with them and they’re going through it, you need to let go of that and know that no one remembers dying just like we don’t remember being born.

Now that you know you won’t remember your moment of death, has it changed how you feel about dying?

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