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My passion

I love people! I have a passion for people… it’s a part of who I am! At a young age, I had a near-death experience and since then, my abilities have made me very sensitive to the emotions and feelings of others. When other people hurt, I hurt… when they feel loved, I can sense that as well.

My life’s purpose and calling are to use my abilities to help people in any way I can. I have the opportunity to inspire and help people, and to motivate them with what I have experienced and learned throughout my journey.

Not your conventional Medium

Most people who go to see Psychics and Mediums have lost someone and are looking for closure. I’m a different kind of medium. I give people closure but I also give them so much more. I help people to understand death and what is waiting for all of us on the other side.

I help people to discover what their soul’s purpose is. Once they discover what it is, they seem to navigate through life with a little more ease and peace of mind.

Prior to my calling, I worked in Professional Standards in policing with the Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner, as well as a Victim/Witness Coordinator for the Crown’s office with the Ministry of the Attorney General. I left the government to pursue my passion for helping others as a Psychic Medium and continue to this day to assist various police departments, at their requests.

If you take a look around the site, watch some of my videos, and read my blogs, you will notice I talk about the soul’s journey quite a bit. What is the soul’s journey? Every soul has a different purpose! It is their reason for being here. I help people discover what their purpose is, why they are here, where they are from, and where they are going after they leave this earthly plane.

Aside from my Psychic/Mediumship practice, I am also one of the co-founders of The Psychic Associates, a team of expert mentors who help gifted people identify their unique abilities and gifts, and assist them on their personal spiritual journey through our psychic development or business courses.

Medium Jay Lane

Freedom from fear

We all have fears, but for so many people, the fear of death is what keeps them from living the life they are meant for. I want people to understand what death really is, and what happens to them or their loved ones when they die, and I do this by educating them and answering their questions.

Everyone has questions about death, but not many get the opportunity to talk about it unless someone close to you is terminally ill, or visiting the funeral home. Some people don’t want to talk about it or even know, but not knowing about death causes our fears to manifest and grow.

From working with hundreds of people and even more souls, I have discovered the only cure for a person’s fear of death is to talk to them about it. When you learn that there is an afterlife or another form of consciousness, you have something to look forward to. It puts your life into perspective and makes you think outside the box!

I like to think that I can help people move from fear to life so that they can move forward and live a happy and stress-free life!

Medium Jay Lane sitting in a chair

Early life

I was born and raised in beautiful Sudbury, Ontario, the nickel capital of the world. My father was a miner and owned a driving school. My mother was a “tea-leaf reader” and a seer and operated her Psychic practice from 1961 to 1983. She stopped doing readings when my father passed away after fighting a long illness.

My mother said I was born with my abilities, but I didn’t notice my clairaudience, the ability to hear the voices of spirits until I had a near-death experience at the age of four. I drowned as a child but I was sent back from the other side. My mother said it was because my purpose had not been fulfilled.

As I got older, my abilities became more obvious and harder to hide. It started innocently enough. I remember shocking my mother when I was able to recall the date of my grandfather’s death and the circumstances of how the news had been delivered to the family. An event that had taken place years before my own birth.

When I was 9, I saw my first human spirit. I remember standing in the grocery store aisle relaying a message to a woman from the spirit that had been following her. I caused a real ruckus that day and got quite a spanking! That was both the best and worst experience of my life. I was severely punished for something I couldn’t control but it needed to happen because it’s the reason I do what I do today. Things happen for a reason and that day in the grocery store, I realized I was different.

Although my mother was a practicing Psychic, my father was only interested in the added income it brought in. He didn’t have the time or interest regarding her abilities – or my abilities for that matter. His beliefs changed a year before his death, and thankfully, I was able to make amends with him before he passed. Aside from my mother, he was one of my greatest teachers!

Are you prepared for your message

Today, I am actively engaged in various endeavors. I offer personalized or group sessions that cater to your unique needs. Furthermore, I captivate audiences of all sizes with my profound messages from the spiritual realm! To stay connected, find me on Jay LIVE, where I frequently engage on social media. If you have inquiries about life’s mysteries, the afterlife, or consciousness, rest assured that I possess the answers you seek. If you have experienced the loss of a loved one and are in need of solace or closure, I am here to offer my assistance.

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