My Passion

I love people! I have a passion for people, it’s a part of who I am. At a young age I had a near death experience and since then my abilities have made me very sensitive to the emotions others are feeling. When other people hurt I hurt, when they feel loved I can sense that as well.

It is my purpose to use my abilities to help people in any way I can. I have the opportunity to inspire people and motivate them with what I have experienced and learned. Every soul has a purpose, it is what I call the soul’s journey, and my soul’s journey is to use the abilities I have been given to help others just like you.

Not Your Conventional Medium

Most people who go to see psychics and mediums have lost someone and are looking for closure. I’m a different kind of medium. I give people closure but I also give them so much more. I help people to understand death and what is waiting for all of us on the other side.

I help people to discover what their soul’s purpose is. Once you know what your soul’s journey is, it will be easier for you to navigate in life.

If you look around this site, watch some of my videos, read my blog you will notice I talk about the soul’s journey quite a bit. What is the soul’s journey? Every soul has a different purpose, it is their reason for being here and I help people discover what their purpose is, why they are here, where they are from and where they are going. Once you know what your soul’s purpose is you can get out of any rut and begin moving forward.

Freedom from Fear

We all have fears, but for so many people, the fear of death is what keeps them from living the life they are meant for. I want people to understand what death really is and I do this by talking to them and answering their questions.

As young children, we all had questions about death, but for most of us, when we finally had the courage to ask an adult those questions we were hushed and told not to talk about such things. Money, sex, religion and apparently death too were all filed in the ‘do not discuss’ category. Our questions never got answered and our fears were allowed to manifest and grow.

From working with hundreds of people and even more souls I have discovered the only cure to a person’s fear of death is to talk to them about it. When you learn that there is something after death, a consciousness and that you have something to look forward to, you can put your life into perspective and start thinking outside the box.

I like to think that I can help people move from fear to life.

Early Life

I was born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario, the nickel capital of the world. My father was a miner and owned a driving school. My mother was a “tea-leaf reader” from 1961 to 1983. She stopped tea-leaf reading when my father passed away after fighting a long illness.

My mother always said I was born with my abilities, but I didn’t notice my clairaudience, the ability to hear the voices of spirits until I had a near-death experience at the age of four. I drowned as a child but I was sent back. My mother said it was because my purpose had not been fulfilled.

As I got older my abilities became more obvious and harder to hide. It started innocently enough. I remember shocking my mother when I was able to recall the date of my grandfather’s death and the circumstances of how the news had been delivered to the family. An event that had taken place years before my own birth.

When I was 9, I saw my first human spirit. I remember standing in the grocery store aisle relaying a message to a woman from the spirit that had been following her. I caused a real ruckus that day and got quite a spanking! That was both the best and worst experience of my life. I was severely punished for something I couldn’t control but it needed to happen because it’s the reason I do what I do today. Things happen for a reason and that day in the grocery store I realized I was able to connect to the other side.

Although my mother was a “tea-leaf psychic and healer” my father was only interested in the added income it brought in. He didn’t have the time or belief regarding her abilities – or my abilities for that matter. My father’s beliefs changed a year before his death and I was able to make amends with him before he passed. I’m so thankful for that.

Are You Ready For Your Message?

Today I do private and group readings face to face and over the internet, live events and I operate the My Infinity Family membership group. If you have questions about life, death or consciousness I have answers for you. If you have lost a loved one, need answers or closure I can help you.

Don’t hesitate to book a session because I have a message waiting for you.


Jay Lane is more than incredible!

She knew very intimate details of my family and life even down to exact names and events. There is no question she is one of the most gifted mediums of our time.

- Johnathon Kayne, Fashion Designer


My private reading with Jay Lane was beyond my expectations.

She is a total professional, compassionate, insightful, caring and spot-on with everything she communicated with me. I found Jay to be personable and relatable in every way. I highly recommend a reading with Jay to anyone interested and open.

- Katie Gillon - VP/GM - Winkled Records


Jay Lane is a woman of tremendous abilities.

Jay and I became acquainted several years ago and I have found her sessions to be of great benefit. She's been a clarifying force that gives me answers to many of life's dilemmas. I look forward to her continuing services for many years.

- E.J. "Jay" Williams, President, The Jay Williams Group


Her words and insights resonate with me!

As a California native, born in Hollywood, I was introduced to the realms of metaphysics as a teenager. I have learned a lot over the years through my study of mediation and exploration into many aspects of spiritual discipline and practice. Medium Jay comes from a truly inspired place. I instantly found her insights comforting and uplifting. I am an artist accustomed to diverse experiences, and unusual interactions with people from many different cultures. Medium Jay’s approach spoke to the essence of my beliefs, reminding me that we are all a reflection of the divine, and that sometimes we need to adjust our point of view to see the light at the end of our collective experiences to grow to prosper. Her words, insights and suggestions continue to resonate with me, and inspire me to focus my energies in a manner that will net the results I truly want to manifest and share with others.

- Lorelei McBroom, Internationally Renowned Music Artist, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart


My mouth was dropping wide open in amazement.

I've met many intuitive people and Jay Lane is in a different league and world! During our sessions, I always find my mouth dropping wide open in amazement on the connections she makes near and far. Even more impressive, she is sweet, funny and sexy, a joy to spend time with. A true gift.

- Scott Patrick, Executive Producer, Hollywood One-on-One


Through one of the darkest periods in my life came a ray of light called Jay Lane.

I'm still marveling at your abilities Jay.  The insight you shared with me was not only spot on, but was and is still a great comfort to me.  You encouraged me to keep going with things I was ready to give up on and honey, am I happy I took your advice! I don't really know ho to say Thank-You for all you have so selflessly and freely given to me.  What I do know is that I will be forever grateful to you, and to the light and love that has blessed the human race with you and your skill. I love you my friend!!!

- Melissa Byrum, Author, When you wish upon a star, The evolution of Anna Nicole Smith


The circle of life is never broken.

Jay and confirmed that the circle of life is never broken, by connecting me to my past loved ones. It was an amazing experience.

- Michael K. Elder, Celebrity Stylist


Jay Lane is truly a gift and gifted.

The reality of our spiritual existence beyond our physical form is made very clear when you experience Jay's gift.  Her seamless connection with loved ones who are no longer with us physically, but are still very connected with us spiritually, has blessed me on many occassions.  She facilitates connection, healing and closure in the most loving and authentic way. Love you!!!

- Tammy McCrary-Washington, Author, Sister and Former Manager, Chaka Khan


Jay Lane is truly the real deal! She pulled things out of the air that no one knows except God and me...

She has an amazing gift from God. She read my wife GiGi, and a friend of my wife’s as well. Jay Lane addressed issues each of us held deep in our hearts, and read our souls in an unfathomable way. If you have the chance, I hope you have the opportunity to experience what was for each of the three of us, one of the most important, defining afternoons of our lives. She’s a very very special woman.

- Bucky Barrett, Lead Guitarist, Roy Orbison Band


From the very first time I met Jay, it wasn't so much about what I heard, but what I felt.

And what I felt was a warmth that has sometimes escaped me in my interaction with other humans.  It is not that often in my line of work that I happen to run into people who are genuine and kind all at once, and Jay has certainly been that for me.  An awesome experience, every time!

- Penny Ford, Renowned International Music Artist & Lead Singer, Snap


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