Assisted suicide is becoming increasingly popular as a way of providing people with a sense of control and dignity over their own death. Assisted suicide is a controversial topic because it is a highly personal and emotional issue.  It has raised ethical and moral questions, as well as legal issues, that are still being debated. There are many pros and cons to the issue of assisted suicide, and it is important to consider both sides of the argument.

Assisted suicide can provide people with a sense of autonomy and control over their death, as well as comfort to those who are suffering. However, it can also be seen as a form of suicide that can be open to abuse and manipulation. As such, it is important to weigh all the pros and cons when making a decision about assisted suicide.

What is Assisted Suicide?

Assisted Suicide is an option for those who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and have a limited life expectancy. People who are considering assisted suicide must make a formal application which is reviewed by a Board Certified physician. The physician evaluates the individual’s medical condition and reviews the application to determine whether it is suitable for assisted suicide.

He or she must ensure that the individual is of sound mind and has made a reasoned decision. After the physician has approved the application, the individual must take the necessary steps to ensure that the assisted suicide is carried out in accordance with the laws of the state or country in which they live.

Assisted suicide is a difficult decision to make and it is important to be sure that all circumstances are taken into consideration before committing to this option. It is important to remember that although the individual is in control of the decision, the physician ultimately has the responsibility to ensure that all laws are followed and that the decision is in the best interest of the individual.

What happens to the Soul?

After their passing, these people find themselves in the afterlife, where they can find peace, comfort, and a sense of closure. In this place, they are instantly surrounded by love and acceptance, free from the pain and suffering that they may have experienced in life. This is a place where they can be at peace and surrounded by those who have previously crossed who love and care for them.

These Souls are not regretful of their decision to end their life, do not replay the details of their death or the emotional stress that they may have gone through prior to leaving this earthly plane.  It’s to understand that there is no human ego tied to a human Spirit, therefore, it only experiences the feeling of being centered in the most amazing state of euphoria.


Those who have chosen assisted suicide face a unique form of grief. Not only must they cope with the pain of having to make a decision that will end their life, but they must also bear the burden of the emotional turmoil that follows.

The grief of having to make such a difficult decision can be overwhelming and often leads to feelings of guilt, regret, and hopelessness. In addition to these emotions, family members and friends must also grieve the loss of a loved one.  This can be especially difficult as they must find ways to accept the fact that the person they love chose to end their own life.

As people grieve the death of someone who chose assisted suicide, it is important to know that they are not alone in their sorrow. It is essential to provide support and understanding to those who are grieving, as well as to those who are considering assisted suicide.

Coping with the grief of assisted suicide can be a difficult and emotional process. Everyone copes with grief differently. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, but it is important to take the time to process the emotions that come with the death of a loved one.

It may be helpful to talk to a therapist or other mental health professional to help you work through these feelings. It can also be beneficial to find a support group with people who have gone through similar experiences.

Reaching out to a Medium can also be an incredibly beneficial way to help you through your grieving process. Connecting with a Medium can provide comfort and peace of mind, as they can act as a bridge between the living and the dead. Through a Medium, you can receive messages from your loved one that can help to bring you closure and understanding. In addition, they can help you move forward in life after your loss.  If you feel like you could benefit from speaking to a Medium, be sure to do your research and find one that you feel comfortable with.

Do Your Homework

Assisted suicide is a legal option in many countries and states. If you or a loved one are considering assisted suicide, make sure to research the legal implications and contact a qualified medical professional.

Finally, you need to take care of yourself during this difficult time. Make sure to take time for yourself, practice self-care, and reach out to family and friends for support. Grief can be a difficult process, but it is important to remember that you are not alone.

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