Castles in the sand bring back memories of you
Whispers in the wind, your voice, so softly
Trembled at the thought my friend, to feel you waiting
While the world was within reach, you stood by

The sky so blue and pure up high, keeps me hoping
That time will soon stand still, like the rivers do
I’ll call out your name, will you be waiting
By the castles in the sand, where I met you

People have so many questions when a loved one dies. Why did he die so quickly? Why did she have to die so slowly? Why did it have to happen on this day?

The biggest frustration is these questions often go unanswered leaving us wondering for years. We talk about this often in the forums at My Infinity Family, so if you feel like having a discussion come join us there.

Your wondering stops today!

This post explains how a soul is in control of the time and situation when its body dies and how you can help make the process easier for all those involved.

we choose how we exit this worldChoosing How We Die

It’s a question many people have, why did someone die a particular way? Why do some people die quickly and others suffer through a slow death? Why do some go through a difficult experience before they pass away? Is it Karma correcting past life decisions?

People have different ways of dying. Souls choose five different exits to leave this earthly plane by. They decide on these exits before being born. I’ve written previously about the 5 exits a soul chooses.

Sometimes a person won’t wake up, they die suddenly in their sleep because their soul doesn’t want any suffering. The soul wants to spare other people the pain of watching body die and it doesn’t feel the need to experience a slow death. Those souls have chosen to die quickly.

Some people will die for a cause and their death becomes a protest, an example or a lesson. This may be the case when someone dies slowly from a disease or cancer. This is done unselfishly because they know that their family can’t let them go quickly. Sometimes a soul will die slowly because it’s courageously refusing to accept death.

There are different reasons the soul decides to die at a particular moment. Some souls are more evolved and have a much higher purpose. Those souls sacrifice their human lives to save other souls.

Death can often be a tool used by a soul to make others aware, it serves a big purpose. These souls are pure and their intentions are unselfish and beautiful. I like to think these souls shine on and remind people daily of the lessons they teach.

Is Karma the Cause?

Karma is a real and powerful thing, but it’s not the cause of a soul’s death. People that think this way see karma as being justice and death as being a punishment, but this is a misinterpretation. Often a soul chooses to be reborn so it can come to this earthly plane, experience things only humans experience, and learn its karmic lessons during its lifetime.

Karma is something experienced in the present lifetime. If a soul isn’t learning its lessons at this time, when the body dies the soul will have to learn its karmic lessons to go through to the other side. Death to a soul is never punishment. On the other side, we are filled with love and joy.

Karma is a vast subject. I have a blog post coming out soon that discusses it at length but if you want to read more about it now you can checkout this post on karma from a psychics perspective.

Choosing When We Die

Do we choose when to die, is it possible to do that?

Before we come into being we choose exactly how and when we are going to pass. We have five different exits that we have chosen according to the lessons we have come here to learn or what part of our path we are on.

We choose five specific times that we could leave this earthly plane. Suicide is never one of them and murder is never one of them. Those two are not on the “how to list” of dying. No soul is supposed to leave that way.

Some people will choose different demises for different reasons. We learn through our existence and emotional state of being and we teach others along our path.

I watched my mother suffer a great deal and die a slow death. If we are barely able to breathe, not able to communicate we are still serving a purpose. Our purpose becomes to help people are learn through our existence. They learn about grief, patience, fear, and letting go of things.

My whole life changed during my mother’s passing. I learned to let go of a job that wasn’t serving me and began to pursue my passion to become a medium. It was my mother’s death that motivated me to do this. It was her life’s final purpose.

give someone permission to dieGiving Permission for a Loved One to Die

Should you give a suffering, dying person permission to finally die? If you’re not ready for them to die, is it bad for you to ask them to stay, to fight, to continue living?

When you give a person permission to pass over they are so thankful, it does help them let go, move on, and transform from the physical to the essential spirit. They are thankful for the encouragement and know you’re ready to accept it.

When a person transforms, when they pass through from body to soul, they don’t carry the human ego over to the other side so it’s impossible for them to be upset.

Mixed Messages

When one person wants a loved one’s suffering to end and for their soul to crossover, but another person wants them to fight, do these conflicting messages trouble the dying soul?

Souls don’t carry any sadness or emotions to the other side. A soul doesn’t have an ego, it’s no longer human. It’s the most amazing energy.

You should never feel bad about giving someone permission to die. Sometimes we feel selfish, it’s hard to do. Our loved ones are happy on the other side. Choosing when to die is predetermined before we come into being. We can choose one of the five exits whichever one serves your life’s purpose at the time.

If you’re interested in learning more about what is waiting for us on the other side checkout this blog post where I discuss at length what happens after we die.


Has the death of a loved on left you with unanswered questions? Perhaps it left you with an overwhelming fear of death. If that’s the case checkout this blog post that deal specifically with conquering your fear of death.

Have you experienced a difficult death, or faced the difficult task of having to give someone permission to pass over? You’re not alone!

We discuss these topics and much more in the forums at My Infinity Family, a free to join group where members support each other, discuss the difficulties they’ve faced and I stop in regularly to answer questions.

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