Free Me

Imaginary questions,
Imaginary lies,
Caught in this deception,
Entangled in her cries,
Dream of silver linings,
Dream of sister soul,
Caught in this perception,
For this is what you’re told,

Imaginary mentions,
Imaginary smiles,
Caught in this conception,
Not knowing the reasons why,
Dream of the future,
Dream of what you’ll see,
What flows beneath the bridge,
Is the strength of you not me,

Free me,
Take me to the promised land,
Free me, tell me,
You know I’d understand,
Free me,
Take me to the promised land,
Free me,
You know what I am

In my last blog post, I discussed the overwhelming fear of death so many people suffer from. I wrote about how at the core of that fear is actually a fear of the unknown and a fear of not being in control.

The best tool to combat a fear of the unknown is education. It only makes sense that in this blog post I help make death and what happens to our souls after we die a little less unknown.

Questions about what happens after we die are the ones I get asked most often. But those aren’t the questions people should be asking.

When people come to see me I want to spend more time talking about their soul’s purpose while they’re living. Hopefully, this post can answer the questions everyone seems to have about death so that we can start to think more about life instead.

Death Is Different For Each Soul

What a soul experiences the moment after death often depends on how the person dies. If they’re unconscious at the moment of death, if it was a freak accident that happened quickly, like they’re hit by a truck from behind, they may not even realize they’ve died.

Spirits that go like that, it may take them a little while to realize what’s happened so they’ll stay here longer.

For those souls, it’s like being stuck in a beautiful dream. When you dream you’re unaware of your surroundings. You’re in this moment and then suddenly realize, “oh gee I don’t think I am going back.”

For a soul to come to this realization can take around 3 days in human time. But souls don’t experience time the way we do.

There are five exits for a human soul. We have five ways of dying that allow us to cross over naturally.

The Five Right Ways To Die

The soul has 5 right ways to die. You ask what could be right about death? Well, the soul knows exactly when it should take its exit. It is written the soul has 5 exits. What exactly are those exits? They are the soul’s plan or agreement to exit this earthly plane and to go back to its original state.

Some souls choose to die fast, choosing not to suffer while dying, while others choose a slower death, allowing their loved ones to let go of them emotionally speaking. Some are selfless or highly evolved, here to teach us from their suffering and eventual demise.

At the end of it all, the soul is the one who decides when it will leave and dies exactly how it’s intended to.

For suicides, it’s different. A suicide is not one of the five natural ways for a soul to exit the body. Because of this, suicides can take longer to cross over. I believe suicides are broken agreements.

A soul is born into a body with a purpose. That soul has chosen to be born so it can have specific experiences and learn specific lessons. We have a fate, a journey we are supposed to complete.

When someone commits suicide they don’t complete the purposes they came here intending to. Maybe they don’t have the kids they are meant to have. They don’t have the experiences they were destined for.

The souls of suicide victims stay behind and now must learn the repercussions of their suicide and how it affected so many people. They do eventually go through to the other side once they accept their karmic lessons and see what the effects are of their suicide.

How Long Does a Soul Take to Cross Over

When a body dies the soul is instantly free from it. The transformation is painless and the soul has no memory of their death. But that doesn’t mean the soul instantly leaves the realm of the living.

It can often take a few days for the soul to realize their body has died. And only then are they able to go to the other side.

Can Souls Choose To Come Back After They Die?

I call them recycled souls, but you’re probably more familiar with the term reincarnation.

Imagine the afterlife is like a giant disco-ball covered in thousands of glimmering mirror facets. Each facet is a soul in the next realm. It’s an individual facet but also part of the whole disco-ball. When a soul is born it has chosen to leave the ball and come back to earth.

A soul does this because it needs to experience something here and learn a lesson. When a soul is born it has a life purpose. We all have a life purpose, everyone is here to do something. Everyone is living their purpose even though they’re not aware.

Reincarnation does exist but it’s up to the souls to make the decision to come back. Some souls don’t want to come back, some do.

Once you cross over you make a conscious decision whether you want to come back or not. Souls that come back time and time again do so at a higher elevation. They choose to have a more difficult life so that they can learn something.

Souls are selfless and will choose a more difficult path to get the experiences they’re after. The soul knows what it needs to learn to graduate to a higher soul level a higher plane.

Remembering Past Lives

Most people aren’t able to remember their past lives without the assistance of someone who has specialized in past-life regressions and hypnotherapy.

After working with a hypnotherapist I could recall two of my previous lives and it did give me insights why my soul chose this path for this life.

Past life regression sessions typically include some counseling, then the participant experiences a hypnotic state and the session concludes with a discussion of what is discovered.

Who Will You Meet After You Die?

Remember that giant soul disco-ball we talked about earlier? When you die and your soul crosses over you return to that disco-ball and join the other glimmering facets of light. All souls return to their creators and we all become one.

When I had my near drowning accident I remember seeing my grandfather who had died 8 years before I was born. In this realm, I had never known him but when I crossed over for a moment he was there and I had an instantaneous understanding of his being. I had never met him but I knew who he was and I knew everything about him.

I also had hundreds of little lights trying to reach out and touch me and I felt love like I never had before. I was so overjoyed and so full of love.

While I was crossed over I had no awareness of anything on this side. I forgot everything in my human life, my family my friends my life.

We’ve all been created and when we cross over we join our creators. You may not know them in this human life but you’ll recognize them when you cross over.

Everyone has someone on the other side. The disco ball has thousands of mirrored facets that are all connected but also all individual. We’re different spirits but we’re united all as one.


After reading all that you surely have a better understanding of death, and hopefully, you’re not so afraid of it anymore.

For souls death is instantaneous, and once they have left their body they don’t remember their death any more than we can remember our birth.

Most souls take a few days to understand what has happened to them and that they are now free to return to the other side and join the creator. But for some souls, particularly suicide victims it can take longer. There are still lessons for them in this world that they need to learn.

Souls can choose to be reborn and many do. They come back to this world time and time again to learn new lessons and have new experiences. Past life regressions through hypnotherapy are one way we can learn about our previous lives.

When you die you become one with a much larger energy. You join your creators and their creators and their creators. We are all one, that’s why we need to start treating one another better in this realm. When you’re mean to another person you’re just hurting yourself.

I hope this post has helped. If you have any questions come and join us in the Infinity Family forums where there are always interesting conversations taking place.

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