Have you ever wondered what happens to the soul of a murderer when they die? Do they go to hell? Do they become evil ghosts? Are they punished in some way?

What about murder victims? Many ghost stories feature the tortured souls of murder victims wandering their former homes, is that true?

If you have ever been touched by murder or you’re a fan of ghosts stories you’ve probably asked these questions before.

Keep reading, because in this post I explain:

  • What a sudden death means for a soul,
  • What happens to a murderer’s soul,
  • What happens to the soul of a murder victim,
  • Why, if everything is planned do murders even happen?

What you should know about death

Before being born every soul plans 5 ways of dying, 5 exits from the life they’re about to inhabit. These possible exits are determined by agreements with other souls, and the purpose of the life about to begin. The planned exits can be early in life, late in life, the result of accident, sickness, or in some instances, murder.

I’ve written about the 5 exits extensively in The Fear of Dying.

Suicide is never one of the planned exits. I wrote in What Happens When We Die that suicides result in broken soul agreements. The impact and ramifications of a suicide are huge both in this world and the next.

If a soul is free to plan their own demise, why would a soul ever plan to be murdered? That is precisely the question we are going to answer in this post.

Before being reborn on earth, highly evolved souls will make agreements with other souls. They will return to earth together on a mission to have human experiences and learn about this physical life. It is hard for a human to understand but murder must be a part of some of these agreements, otherwise, it would never happen.

The Soul After A Sudden Death

If a person dies suddenly, by an unexpected accident or a violent crime, it’s likely the soul won’t be completely aware of what has happened. It will be a little confused. The soul will know that something has happened but it may not realize right away that its body has died and it is free to return to the other side. This is a grounded soul.

Being a ground soul is like a waiting period before crossing over to the other side. There are two types of grounded souls. The first type is temporarily stuck here because they don’t understand what has happened, those are the souls that died suddenly. The second type is souls that behaved selfishly or broke an agreement with another soul, and must now remain on earth until the error of their way can be rectified.

If you’re interested in reading more about what the afterlife is like for someone that dies suddenly, whether it is from an accident or a malicious act Amanda Linette Meder covers the topic well in her post What Happens To The Soul After Sudden Death.

The Victim’s Soul

The soul of a murder victim might become temporarily grounded. No person plans to be murdered, just like no one plans to die in a car accident. These life-ending events happen suddenly with little warning. The soul leaves the body, but it is confused about what has happened to it.

They probably don’t even know the person that murdered them on this side, but on the other side we are all connected and we do make loving agreements. Highly evolved souls will make more of these agreements.

These grounded souls are in a temporary waiting period. They will remain on earth until they can understand what has happened to them and they to go into the light, or until another soul comes to get them.

If you have a loved one that was murdered you may have wondered if your loved one’s soul harbors ill-will or hatred for the one that murdered them. This idea is encouraged by Hollywood, a soul getting revenge from beyond the grave. This isn’t the case.

When a soul crosses over it’s no longer human, it doesn’t have the ego of the individual and it rejoins the rest of the souls. For one soul to hate another, it would be like hating itself because all souls are connected on the other side. And souls can’t experience hate, they only know love.

Murdered souls are not restless and angry on the other side. They are just like any other soul, happy and filled with love.

Erin Pavlina also writes about the souls of murder victims in this post.

The Murderer’s Soul

Like the victim’s soul, the murderer’s soul will also be grounded, but unlike the victim, the murderer’s soul isn’t grounded temporarily. These souls will remain on this side, unable to crossover until their errors can be set right.

It takes a loving agreement to make a plan that involves murder. Murder is a planned exit, but I believe there is a trade-off. The person that commits the act of murder becomes grounded. Regardless of how the murderer dies, they do not pass over until they go through the karmic lesson and learn why they shouldn’t have committed that selfish act.

It’s similar to the grounding of a suicide victim’s soul would experience. Both souls must wait on earth until they can understand what their actions have done.

Someone that takes a life, will have to pay for what they have taken, but I don’t mean there will be revenge. The soul will remain grounded to this side until it has learned the lessons it came here to learn. There is always a reason for murder but it is usually a selfish act with selfish intentions.

However, if a life is taken in self-defense, that’s a different situation. That would be part of a complex soul agreement.

Psychic Erin Pavlina has also covered this idea of selfish souls in her post What Happens to Killers When They Reach The Other Side.


Grounded spirits are people stuck between stages. They don’t feel bad unless they are a suicide, they broke an agreement or committed a selfish act like murder.

A soul going through the light is never angry. The soul understands lovingly why this happened, why another soul acted selfishly and understand the selfish soul will have to go through karmic lessons and be grounded.

You don’t have to worry about the souls of those who have been murdered. They cross through to the light when they are ready. The murder is not punishment. They just love us and are happy to be back on the other side even though their lives were cut short.

I hope you now understand what fate awaits the souls of murderer and victims. If you still have unanswered questions or you want to keep this conversation going, join us in My Infinity Family.

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